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Terms of service VIVA-Ferien St. Moritz

1. General

The terms and conditions of VIVA-Ferien in 7500 St. Moritz are part of the contract between you as a tenant and us as a mediator on behalf of the apartment owner.

2. Booking a holiday home with VIVA-Ferien

By booking a holiday apartment in written form, by mail or online you conclude a binding contract with VIVA-Ferien as an intermediary. The listed rights and obligations do become effective for both sides.

2.1. With the signed contract (including electronic communication) the rights and obligations of the contract and the following regulations become valid. The listed payments must be paid on time, otherwise the contract is void and VIVA-Ferien has the right to dispose of the object and to cancel the reservation without replacement. Electricity, heating, and, if available, garage space or outdoor parking space are included in the rental price. All additional services such as taxes, final cleaning, laundry, etc. are listed separately in the contract and are to be paid proportionally with the rental price.

2.2. The tenant informs at the signing of the contract about the booked number of adults and children (0 to 1 year and 2 to 11 years). According to the specified persons, the beds are made up. Overcrowding of the object is not permitted. The rental property may not be sublet or subleased. An infringement entitles the VIVA-Ferien to the immediate withdrawal of the key of the apartment during the booked time.

3. Damage / security deposit

Inventory and rental property must be treated with respect and care, the house rules must be respected. Damage or loss caused by the tenant must be immediately reported to VIVA-Ferien and compensated accordingly. The tenant is liable for any damage caused by him or the roommates.

3.1. VIVA-Ferien is entitled to ask a deposit for the object before arrival (bank transfer or reservation on credit card). This is considered as a security and will normally be refunded within 7 days. Any damage that has not been reported to us, as well as subsequent cleaning of a heavily soiled object, will be charged directly to the deposit.

4. Arrival / your stay / Departure

Approx. 7-10 days before your arrival, you will receive your travel documents via email. You will receive the key according to the written agreement in the travel documents. To read the documents beforehand will help you feel more comfortable at the beginning of your holiday.

4.1. The apartment will be handed over in a clean and tidy condition from VIVA-Ferien. If there are any defects, please contact us immediately so that we can remedy the situation as soon as possible. During your holidays, we can be reached at any time during our office opening hours for questions or concerns in St. Moritz.

4.2. In all apartments of VIVA-Ferien smoking is prohibited. Pets are only allowed on the premises after previous agreement with VIVA-Ferien.

4.3. An appointment for the key handover will be arranged before your departure. The tenant is obliged to keep the premises clean and properly left behind on the departure day. The dishes must be properly washed and stowed away as well as there must be no garbage bags/empty bottles/papers in the apartment. The garbage must be disposed in official red bags.

4.4. The arrival and departure times are noted in your travel documents and on the contract. Deviations can only be granted on request and in exceptional cases. The tenant is personally responsible for the time of arrival. In case of late arrival or change of dates, VIVA-Ferien must be informed in advance.

5. Change of service and replacement rent

In the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond our control as mediators and making it impossible to obtain the rental property, VIVA-Ferien is entitled to offer an equivalent alternative property without compensation claims. If this offer is rejected, the amount paid by the tenant will be refunded. For other compensations VIVA-Ferien excludes further responsibilities.

6. Internet

The apartments of VIVA-Ferien are equipped with free WIFI. You will receive the access with your travel documents. This is intended exclusively for the tenant. On the power and capacitiy VIVA-Ferien has no influence. It is not allowed from loading prohibited files, making connections that incur costs or other consideration. or using facilities that could disrupt the WIFI. Disregard can be punished at any time.

7. Cancellation / Insurance

If you cancel your booking, we will charge you a processing fee and the following cancellation costs:
– up to 60 days before arrival 10% of the rent
– up to 59-30 days before arrival 50% of the rent
– from 29 days before arrival 100% of the rent

In case of cancellation or rebooking, a handling fee of CHF 180.00 will be charged. If for any reason the apartment is left early, the entire price remains owed.

In all other cases our normal terms and conditions apply.

7.1. We recommend the conclusion of a cancellation insurance and a liability insurance for any damage. With the booking confirmation we will send you 2 links so that you have the opportunity to conclude an insurance yourself if necessary. The general conditions of the insurer apply here. The cancellation costs insurance covers the cancellation costs owed in your contract if you are unable to start your stay or have to end it prematurely, e.g. due to illness or accident.

8. Place of jurisdiction and choice of law

All disputes arising from the rental agreement between the tenant and VIVA-Ferien are subject to Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is exclusively the official location of the registered business from VIVA-Ferien.



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